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Latest News

  • Upcoming Training at Penicuik House - The following courses will be running at Penicuik House over the next few months. read more
  • Seasonal Reminder - Despite the unbelievably high temperatures we have had for December the biting cold is just around the corner. read more
  • Making & Using Traditional Mortars C1 - Contractor Level 1, 17 - 18 October 2013. - Big thanks to all the attendees of the C1 course for making it a great success. read more
  • Doors Open day at Penicuik House, Saturday, 14 September 2013 - Scottish Lime Centre Trust (SLCT) staff again put on building craft demonstrations and have a go sessions as part of Penicuik House Projects 7th Doors Open Day whilst Sir Robert Clerk of Penicuik House Preservation Trust (PHPT) gave two very well received guided tours of the site and fascinating history of Penicuik House and its ongoing consolidation. read more
  • Doors Open Day - Saturday 14 September 2013 - The SLCT team are gearing up for putting on displays and demonstrations for the Penicuik House Doors Open day on Saturday, 14 September. read more
  • Doors Open Day 2013 - Saturday 14th September 2013 will see Penicuik House open to visitors as of the European wide Doors Open Day scheme. read more
  • Traditional Leadworking Seminar - Our Traditional Leadwork Seminar took place on 28 Feb till 01 Mar at Penicuik House Training Centre. read more
  • Training - Shaun Simpson, originally taken on by Hunter and Clark at the beginning of the Penicuik House Project as an adult trainee and kept on by the current contractor, Graeme Brown Stonemasons quickly showed his worth and was offered an adult apprenticeship (2 years instead of 4) and has been announced as apprentice of the year by Edinburgh College. read more
  • Training at Penicuik House - We are delighted to announce that following the completion of Phase 1 works at Penicuik House, all the training and education activities have been met or in some cases exceeded the targets set down by the main funders (Historic Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund) and delivered by the Scottish Lime Centre Trust (SLCT). read more
  • Doors Open Day - We have a range of fantastic free events this September for those who would like to visit the Penicuik House Project. read more
  • Damp in Buildings - The Penicuik House Project are delighted to welcome back Mike Parrett to deliver another seminar dealing with the common problem of damp in buildings as part of the Penicuik House Project. read more
  • Essential Works to Knightslaw Bridge - Essential repairs are to be undertaken to Knightslaw Bridge from the 19th March 2012. read more
  • Ayr College Students visit Penicuik House - NC Built Environment students from Ayr College made a visit to Penicuik House on the 09 June 2011 for a day introducing the students to traditional building technology. read more
  • Newsflash! You won't want to miss our CPD Seminars - The Penicuik House Project were delighted to welcome back Mike Parrett to deliver another seminar dealing with the common problem of damp in buildings as part of the Penicuik House Project. read more
  • SPAB Scotland Visit Penicuik House - The Penicuik House Project were delighted to accommodate a group of Scottish members from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) for a day long introduction to lime technology workshop on Saturday 23 April. read more
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Penicuik House and Policies are situated on the Western outskirts of the town of Penicuik, about 10 km to the South of Edinburgh. The estate is situated on the Eastern edge of the Pentland Hills and includes the valley of the North Esk river.

The superbly designed landscape is one of the earliest of its kind and at the centre stands one of the finest surviving Palladian buildings in Scotland, though it exists today in a ruinous state of repair.

The Penicuik House Preservation Trust, in Partnership with the Scottish Lime Centre Trust, is currently undertaking the consolidation and preservation of this historical structure, making the building and selected surrounding areas available for the public to enjoy. The project is also delivering considerable training benefits with a wide range of courses, events and volunteer oppertunities available. A new state of the art Training Centre has been created within the ruin of Penicuik House, providing a purpose built space for training activities in the use of traditional building materials and techniques.