The Knight’s Law Tower Project (2016-2018)


Located on a hilltop to the north-east of Penicuik House, Knight’s Law Tower is now in a dangerous state of disrepair and is permanently closed to visitors.

Our Aim: Conserving a key ‘eye-catcher’ in the Designed Landscape

Designed by Sir John Clerk and built between 1748 and 1750, the tower was conceived both as a belvedere (a structure designed to provide a beautiful view) as well as a working dovecot – a fine example of beauty meeting utility.

Rising to a height of some 16m, the circular stone tower comprises inner and outer drums, spanned by a flat roof of overlapping stone. The inner drum houses a stair giving access to wide circular passageways with the upper chamber providing 1,356 brick nesting holes for pigeons.

The view from the top of the tower over the Designed Landscape and rural Midlothian is magnificent and it is our ambition to return it to visitors by 2018.

Restoration cost

Building works & fees / £587,500
VAT (20%) / £117,500
Total to be raised / £705,000

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